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The new uClockit® platform has a dedicated, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team. The team brings together the experience of Portuguese, French and Belgian employees… Get to know us a little better.


  • Executive of several leading companies in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry,
  • Founder and Consultant of several technology-based start-ups,
  • Academic background in the areas of management, computer engineering and digital transformation,

“With uClockit, the most recent initiative launched in Portugal, we have the vision to provide SMEs with the digital tools to optimize HR process management and start their digital transformation.”

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RH team - Stéphanie LETELLIER

  • HR Consultant and Talent Coordinator | French experience as a generalist HR manager,
  • Master’s degree in HR in France,
  • Enjoys challenges and reading,
  • Optimistic and efficient,

“It is a pleasure to participate in the development of uClockit by bringing my experience in the process of creating this HR software to make it as adapted as possible to the reality and daily life of HR departments.”

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Developer's team - Carlos MACHADO

  • Team Leader & Senior Java Developer
  • Teacher at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria,
  • Focused on managing and supporting the development team, including backend.

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Developer's team - Rodrigo SELADA

  • Java & Vue.js full stack developer,
  • Computer Science,
  • Loves his family and running,
  • Dedicated and communicative.

“Why uClockit? Because “we’re making software for the people :-)”

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Developer's team - Martim SILVA

  • Mobile Developer,
  • Attends simultaneously the Degree of Computer Engineering,
  • Dedicated and rigorous, he always does a lot of researches before presenting something,
  • Focused on the mobility and usability of uClockit on iOS and Android.

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Developer's team - Rui PENETRA

  • Web Designer,
  • Completing the TeSP Course in Information Systems Programming,
  • Likes challenges and is always determined to meet the objectives.

“It is a great pleasure to be able to participate in the development of uClockit, bringing a little of my knowledge, commitment and dedication, and to have the privilege of working with an incredible team of professionals.”

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Quality Assurance Team - Bruno CORREIA

  • Tester | Quality Assurance,
  • Attends the Professional Higher Technical Programming Course,
  • Applied and voluntary,
  • Dedicated to testing the uClockit to the finest detail to ensure maximum quality.

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Quality Assurance Team - François DUROY

  • Public Relations bachelor | Junior WordPress and .NET developer | Quality Assurance,
  • Has a first professional experience of 11 years as an assistant then project and communication manager in Brussels,
  • Loves soccer, surfing, the sun, Europe and lifelong learning,
  • Likes languages: italian, english, french, portuguese, C#, Javascript, Sql, HTML,

“I am running the chance to make a 6 months Erasmus for young entrepreneurs program with ‘MakeI t Special‘ on the uClockit project. It’s honestly a real pleasure as the app has a huge potential and the team is absolutely fantastic!”

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Our story

Make It Special, a Portuguese company created in 2007 by David Bernabé Fernandes, is a specialist in the area of digital transformation, through application development services and development of its own software for SMEs.

The company is located in Portugal, has an international team, and supports the digital transformation of over 1000 clients.

With a research and development centre in Leiria, we work in several projects aligned with the Objectives of Sustainable Development in the development of digital platforms that help to monitor the evolution of the activity of our clients towards the objectives of Agenda 2030.

The uClockit® platform was born in 2020, in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, at a time when reason would say to be cautious, but when the instinct and experience of more than 20 years in the sector have taken us forward and launched a new generation of digital solutions for Human Resources. The founder of Make It Special, David Bernabé Fernandes, believes that each of the setbacks we had focused our energies on the common vision of developing software that would make a difference in the daily lives of the human resources of the micro or large company; it was following this vision that the team remained united, connected by the digital infrastructure that it quickly adopted, and focused on creating an innovative solution to respond to the period of profound change that all entities are facing.

It was in this way that the uClockit® project initiated and materialized Make It Special’s goals: to make available technology and digital mechanisms that empower organizations that are more efficient, better adapted to current challenges, and above all in convergence with sustainable development.

Join our (great) team

uClockit® is growing… Since its creation, uClockit® has been a team that wants to go far together, and help its customers with a global tool to dematerialize HR management.

uClockit® is also a team of passionate people who take advantage of every new project to develop their skills.


JAVA Developer Junior

If you are passionate about programming and want to use technology to simplify and improve Human Resource Talent, we have an opportunity for you!

This is the preferred profile we are looking for to work with the senior development team:

  • Experience with Web technologies;
  • Experience in Spring Boot 2.x;
  • Knowledge of Maven and Liquibase;
  • Experience in micro-services and Agile methodologies;
  • Knowledge in Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Experience with Git and Gitlab”;

Send us a message – rh[at]makeitspecial.pt (Ref.: A010-UCI) – or directly on linkedin.

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uClockit is always open to meet new talent who have the dream of improving people management through digital transformation.

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