Our solution

A simple and effective online platform that will help your company to:

  • Automate administrative tasks, such as attendance, schedules, vacations, absences, and reports
  • Monitor performance indicators
  • Take advantage of new ways of working and managing teams​

Increase the productivity of your human resources department and accelerate the digital transition of the entire company.

Attendance, schedules, vacation, absence and holidays management

Easy and secure access​ on all devices:

  • 100% cloud
  • Create as many administrators and department managers as you need
  • Web app version for management and configuration
  • ​Android & iOS App version for collaborators​
  • Different access levels according to user profile​
  • Mobile phone identification​
  • Geolocation and biometric settings for clock-in and clock-out purposes​

Automatic alerts:​

  • For clock-in and clock-out events​
  • For employees birthdays
  • To update your uClockit version​
  • To let you know when a work contract is ending

Many other alerts and notifications are being prepared by the uClockit team in order to make their management more and more efficient.

Gather all the necessary information from your employees in one place:

  • A quick access to each employee’s details
  • Create a detailed profile for your employees
  • Assign each employee a specific department​
  • Dates of identification documents and contracts

Manage holidays requests and approvals and keep everything registered, stored and available online​​:

  • ​Requests and reports per employee and department​
  • Employee’s requests validation by his/her department manager
  • Monitor everything in real time​

Manage bank holidays in a simple and easy way:

  • Easy registration of local, regional, national and international holidays
  • Simple configuration of the impact of holidays on schedules

Easy and quick absence management and justification:​

  • Absence reports per employee and department​
  • Notifications and justifications of employees absences
  • Customizable list of absence types​
  • Possibility to comment and justify absences through any device​

Monitor all the clocks in real time on PC or mobile​:

  • Clock-in and clock-out through any device
  • Employees can clock-in and clock-out in different locations:​
    – at the office​
    – remote work​
    – while travelling
  • Clocks monitoring through several filters
  • Define entry and exit tolerance margins​
  • Assign each collaborator to a site and a schedule in order to allow clocks

Define custom schedules​:

  • ​Ilimited schedules​
  • Assign schedules to employees​
  • Configure break periods​
  • Assign sites to specific schedules​
  • Define tolerance margins​
  • Summary of weekly worked hours when defining a schedule​

Make sure clocks are done in the expected location​

  • Unlimited sites​
  • Assign a site to a schedule
  • Define a custom tolerance radius for locations
  • Find locations by address ou geographical coordinates​

Build, monitor and export your data per period, department or employee.​

  • Several pre-loaded reports.
  • Filter by employee, department and period
  • KPIs always available on your dashboard
  • Review data and export them in xls format

Export or integrate your data with 3rd party applications​:

  • ​Every data table can be exported to .xls format​
  • Possibility to integrate data with 3rd party software​s
  • 24/7 backups​

With uClockit you can use your own personal mobile phone, increasing your confort and safety, as you dont need to handle colective devices:

  • ​Native integration with iOS and Android smartphones​
  • Employee can log in with user/password, fingerprint or face recognition (depending on the smartphone)​
  • Avoid the use of a collective time and attendance terminal
  • HR managers are able to set up the identification clocking policy​

Accelerate your digital transition and increase your productivity

Today we are seeing new formats and work dynamics that are not compatible with traditional management systems and processes. The digital transition is a fundamental step for companies and their employees to adapt to today’s demanding challenges. Especially for SMEs, whose competitiveness and efficiency are being put to the test by the new formats of work and team management.

The administrative processes in the Human Resources area are, for the most part, time-consuming, complex, and generate many frictions between management and employees. And yet employees are the greatest value of organizations and are more than ever at the center of the turning point we are experiencing.

It is for Human Resources that we developed uClockit®. So that they can, in a simple, easy and accessible way, adopt a solution that allows a fast and effective digital transition.

Digital is no longer an option; and it is not just reserved for large companies capable of significant investments in digital solutions.

Digital is now essential and yes, it is available to everyone, micro or SMEs, whether in the primary sector or in the industrial sector. And especially in these sectors. ​

uClockit® is an HR solution that allows you to:

  • Automate administrative tasks, such as attendance, schedules, vacations, absences, holidays, reports
  • Monitor performance indicators
  • Take advantage of new ways of working and managing teams

uClockit® is a digital solution that favors mobility and flexibility. That’s why we designed it for native interaction with mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. For those who have a more local and office environment, we also offer the possibility to check in and out on desktop and laptop computers.

Thus, the native apps of uClockit® work with any mobile device under Android from version 4.1 or iOS from version 9.0 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).